Adrian Kluk Obituary (2024)

1. Adrian Kluk Obituary - CT - Hartford Courant

  • Adrian Kluk, 29, of Enfield, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, October 29, 2022, due to injuries sustained in a car accident.

  • Adrian Kluk, 29, of Enfield, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, October 29, 2022, due to injuries sustained in a car accident. Born in Nisko, Poland on May 6, 1993, son of Stanislaw and Danuta (…

2. Former Enfield High School Student-Athlete Killed In Rollover ...

  • 31 okt 2022 · Adrian Kluk of Enfield was killed in a single-vehicle crash in Agawam early Saturday morning, according to police. (Courtesy of Carmon Community ...

  • Adrian Kluk was killed in a single-vehicle crash in Agawam early Saturday morning, according to police.

3. Adrian Kluk Obituary (1993 - 2022) | Enfield, Connecticut - Echovita

4. [PDF] Historic death index

  • ... ADRIAN PETER. 03/05/1959. 20002971 WASILEWSKI. WACLAW. 05/05/1959. 20002972 O ... KLUK. Edward Marian. Not Stated. 20010030 ROWLING. LENNOX HENRY. 15/12/1974.

5. Obituary information for Donald A. Yates - Lynch and Sons - Lapeer

  • 26 sep 2021 · Yates Obituary. Donald A. Yates, age 84 of Lapeer ... Adrian Kluck, Eden Kluck and Calvary Kluck; brothers: Gordon Yates; sisters: Nancy Yates

  • View Donald A. Yates's obituary, contribute to their memorial, see their funeral service details, and more.

6. Recent Obituaries From Enfield - Patch

  • 2 nov 2022 · Adrian Kluk, 29 (Nicholson & Carmon Funeral Home). Louis Lastrina, 73 (Leete-Stevens Enfield Chapels). Joan (Coleman) Lowe, 74 (Leete-Stevens ...

  • Condolences are extended to the families and friends of those who have recently died.

7. Obituary Files - Pine City Area History Association

  • J.C., dropsy, 12/19/1918, PP PCoP, 1890. Kluk, Daniel John, son of Anthony, age 2 weeks, Brook Park, 3/27/1958, PPP. Kluk ... Adrian, dau of Merlin, in Finlayson ...

  •  This database contains anyone whose obituary was published in The Pine Poker (PP), The Pine County Pioneer (PCoP), The Pine Poker-Pioneer (PPP), or The Pine City Pioneer (PCP) before 2016. These...

8. All Saints church -

  • The church was designed most likely by Jakub Fontana, and built by Jan Krzysztof Adrian Kluk, with the help of the local bricklayer Ambrożewski. The church ...

  • On 24 October, 1623 Wojciech Niemira, the castellan and voivode of Podlasie founded a plot of land to build the church and monastery in Drohiczyn as well as a manor house and three włoka (a land measure from the middle ages, one włoka is approximately 17,8 ha) of land in Sytki. The aim of this foundation was to enable the education of the girls from the wealthy aristocratic families in Podlasie.The donor fully covered the erection of the wooden monastery and the All Saints Church. The abbot Anioł Bidsiński, the guardian of the Franciscan Order in Drohiczyn, played the important role in bringing in the nuns. The initial donation was extended with the property estates, inherited by Zofia Kiszko, the daughter of Mikołaj Kiszko, the starost of Drohiczyn. On 1 November, 1623, she arrived to Drohiczyn with eleven nuns from the monastery in Toruń. The name of the church, All Saints, was granted in commemoration of the day of her arrival. In 1630, Zofia Kiszczanka became the first abbess of the new monastery, the patrons of which where the kings. The benefactors of the church and the monastery were the Polish rulers as well as the derics, local landowners, the gentry and burghers.

9. Obituaries Search -

  • Adrian Ruvalcaba · Betty L. Bragg · Roy L. Burns · Iola Caracciolo · Carolina “Cal ... Kluck · Karen L. Reuter · Dennis Lyn Kaiser · Richard Lewis Dowe · Sandra L ...

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10. Obituary Archive | The Original Rago Brothers

  • Stephen Kluck 07/28/2018. Sally Kluss 07/04/2019. Anna N. Knapp 02/09 ... Jaime Adrian Soto 08/06/2018. Juan C. Soto, Jr. 05/01/2019. Frank Spada 06/24 ...

11. Obituaries for Other Locations - Saugatuck-Douglas History Center

  • Houtkamp, Adrian – 12/25/1919 · Houtkamp, Mrs James – 12/2/1932 · Houtkampjr ... Kluck, August Jacob – 3/2/1972 · Kluck, Hulda M – 9/23/1971 · Kluck, Lena – 1 ...

  • History > Genealogy > OBITUARIES Obituaries for Other Locations Most of these obituaries, along with other information, can also be found at

12. [PDF] 1960-1969 obits - Campbell County, WY


Adrian Kluk Obituary (2024)


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