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'''Bloons TD 6''' is the next game in the Bloons TD series, and features brand new towers to take the hordes of Bloons. It was released late 2016, and was in development ever since Bloons Monkey City was made. It is the first Bloons TD game to be on Nintendo's 3DS. It features five seperate difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard, Impoppable, and a hidden difficulty called Hellish (Bloons move faster, one life, towers and upgrades cost more, and two random towers or upgrades get restricted). It also features a new kind of Bloons - Ancient Bloons.


  • 1 Towers
  • 2 Bloons
  • 3 Special Agents
  • 4 Achievements
  • 5 Tracks
  • 6 Trivia


Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (2)
Dart Monkey$170, $220, $270, $310, $400Your basic monkey, he can throw darts to pop one bloon. Always nice to have one of these ready at all times.Rank 1
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (3)
Tack Shooter$305, $330, $360, $390, $430A nice tower to have at corners, Tack Shooters are always ready to fire their tacks at any unsuspecting bloons.Rank 2
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (4)
Sniper Monkey$315, $345, $375, $400, $430A monkey prepared to snipe from far away, he can see everything - literally.Rank 3
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (5)
Boomerang Thrower$345, $360, $385, $410, $440A monkey who will throw his boomerang, it can pop multiple bloons and will come back, popping any bloons it may of missed.Rank 5
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (6)
Ice Tower$320, $350, $380, $420, $450A frozen monkey who can freeze bloons that pass by. Somehow doesn't melt on hot summer days.Rank 7
Blade Monkey$400, $450, $500, $550, $600A ancient samurai monkey who will use his blades to slash at any nearby bloons. Has an ongoing rivalry with Ninja Monkey, as they don't know if Samurais or Ninjas are better.Rank 10
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (7)
Bomb Tower$450,





The meaning of the word Cannon Fodder refers to the ancient Bomb Tower, and the ancient tactics of sacrificing bloons to let Lead Bloons somehow survive.Rank 11
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (8)
Monkey Apprentice$475,





Monkey Apprentices are training to be great wizards, and are apprenticed in the way of the Archmonkey. They can shoot balls of energy that will destroy everything!Rank 12
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (9)
Monkey Buccaneer$510, $595, $680, $765, $800Monkey Buccaneers can only be placed in bathtubs, pools, lakes, streams, rivers, portable pools, and anywhere else with water. Contrary to popular belief, it cannot be placed inside a monkey's body.Rank 14

Bold marks Towers brand new to the game.


ImageNameDescriptionRBELayer HPSpeedRound Introduced inLives Lost
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (10)
Red BloonThe most basic Bloon, harbors no bloons in it.11111
Ancient Red BloonA ancient version of the Red Bloon, these bloons harbor no other bloons but can take more hits.12121
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (11)
Blue BloonA slightly stronger Bloon, Blue Bloons harbor one Red Bloon.21232
Ancient Blue BloonA ancient version of the Blue Bloon, these bloons harbor no other bloons but can take more hits.23242
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (12)
Green BloonA sturdier bloon than it's cousin the Blue Bloon, Green Bloons harbor one Blue Bloon.31373
Ancient Green BloonA ancient version of the Green Bloon, these bloons harbor no other bloons but can take more hits.34393
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (13)
Yellow BloonA speedy bloon that is stronger than Green Bloons, Yellow Bloons harbor one Green Bloon.414114
Ancient Yellow BloonA ancient version of the Yellow Bloon, these bloons are unlike the other Ancient Bloons - they harbor one Ancient Green Bloon, which harbors one Ancient Blue Bloon, which harbors one Ancient Red Bloon.732137
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (14)
Pink BloonThe fastest bloon of all, Pink Bloons will rush and try to get past your defenses.514165
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (15)
Black BloonA bloon immune to explosives, Black Bloon will annoy all who spam explosives. They contain two pink bloons.11121811
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (16)
White BloonA bloon immune to freezing, White Bloons will annoy all who spam ice towers. (Oh right, nobody does.) They contain two pink bloons.11121911
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (17)
Lead BloonA bloon that will strike terror into the name of people who try to resist using explosives, corrosive glue, or any of that stuff. Lead Bloons are immune to sharp objects, can't get picked up by tornadoes, and worst of all they call you names behind your back. Contain two black or white bloons.23112223
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (18)
Camo BloonCamo Bloons are a type of Bloon which requires either a certain upgrade or tower (like ninja) to hit. They can take the form of any bloon - including Moab class bloons.VariesVariesVaries24Varies
Ancient Lead BloonA ancient version of the Lead Bloon, these bloons harbor one of each Ancient Bloon type - however popping those will not summon more like the Ancient Yellow Bloon ones.7101267
O.A.BO.A.Bs are "Original Ancient Bloons", and are the very first MOAB-Class bloons you'll encounter. As the name implies, they're the original Ancient Bloons. The good thing is they don't take as many hits as a M.O.A.B. They carry 5 Ancient Yellow Bloons, and 10 Ancient Lead Bloons.105100126105
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (19)
Zebra BloonA science experiment gone wrong, Zebra Bloons roam the land immune to explosives and freezing. Some say that if you're out at midnight, Zebra Bloons will attack you. Contains a black & white Bloon.23122723
Gray BloonThis is a dangerous bloon - take a Zebra bloon, add Lead properties to it, and you have yourself a Gray Bloon. Contains a Zebra Bloon and Lead Bloon.46123246
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (20)
Rainbow BloonRainbow Bloons are pretty - pretty fast, pretty dangerous, and pretty terrifying. They contain two Zebra Bloons and a Pink Bloon.5112.23551
Ninja BloonNinja Bloons lurk in the night being able to harness the power of any Bloon, and become the parent of that Bloon. Not to mention that if they pass by a Camo Bloon, they get the power to become invisible at any time for a random period of time up to 10 seconds. What they contain depends on what Bloon they take the power of - if they don't take any bloon's tower, then they will contain a Camo O.A.B.Varies (105 without a bloons power)150 (Each bloons power is an added 3 hits)140Varies (105 without a bloons power)
Bloons TD 6 (TheFireDragoon) (21)
Ceramic BloonCeramic Bloons are recipes for disaster - They soak up your hits, they contain two Rainbow Bloons, and they're covered with clay. CLAY FOR GOODNESS SAKES!1021042.543102

Bold marks Bloons brand new to the game.

Special Agents[]


Achievements are special requirements that grant the user prizes when you do them. The only version they don't appear in is 3DS.

NameDescriptionHow to GetReward
Red MassacreThe bloonanity! How could you destroy so many helpless Red Bloons?Defeat 5,000 Red Bloons.25 Monkey Money.
All Your Brainz Now Belong To BloonzYou have successfully stopped the Bloons from eating your brains - wait, do they even eat brains? Are these... ZOMBIE BLOONS?Beat Monkeys VS Bloons 2 on any difficulty.250 Monkey Money, Time Monkey unlocked.
Ninja V NinjaNinja Monkeys are obviously better than Ninja Bloons, right?Pop 15 Ninja Bloons with Ninja Monkeys.100 Monkey Money.


Monkey LaneA nice beginner track, it's nearly the same as the BTD5 version - the difference being a pond added to the lower left corner.BeginnerRank 1
Roswell (3DS & IOS)A area that has had visiting aliens, it's best to not go near the crashed UFO. Or the statue of an alien replacing the sign.BeginnerRank 1
Destroyed Passage (PC)A passageway between two giant buildings that is starting to crumble. The bloons are heading over the more destroyed areas - your mission is to cut them off!BeginnerRank 1
Park PathA nice relaxing stroll through Park Path will let you see many beautiful sights - well, if you get rid of the bloons.BeginnerRank 1
Unknown Object (3DS)Some sort of Unknown Object resembling what we're told is a 3DS. What's clear is that those bloons are coming through it's screen!BeginnerRank 1
Unknown Object (IOS)Some sort of Unknown Object resembling what we're told is an IPad. What's clear is that those bloons are climbing out of that button!BeginnerRank 1
Unknown Object (PC)Some sort of Unknown Object resembling what we're told is a Computer. What's clear is that those bloons are climbing out of it's keyboard!BeginnerRank 1
Glue FactoryThe factory where the Glue Monkeys get their glue, it has dangerous pools of Glue - what's amazing is that Boats and Submarines still function fine in those pools.BeginnerRank 3
The RinkAn abandoned rink that was used for Ice Skating. All that's left is a path the Bloons follow, and some broken ice.BeginnerRank 3
MazeA confusing maze where even the bloons get lost, atleast you get a view of it from up top!BeginnerRank 4
Monkey EnterprisesA factory where Monkeys used to research everything about Bloons, you have to drive the bloons out of it!BeginnerRank 6
Bloontonium labThree entrances, three exits, and the new Ancient Bloons will truly make this a fight to the death in the Bloontonium Lab. It costs 50 Monkey Money to play.ExtremeRank 55
Main StreetMain Street has gone through a bit of a redo. There is now a highway that goes above it where bloons can also come from, as well as there being 4 holes in the map that bloons have a chance to fall through and end up closer to the end. It costs 50 Monkey Money to play.ExtremeRank 57 + Complete Bloontonium Lab
Tar PitsFive tar pits, a big lake in the middle, and this being an Extreme track will challenge you. It costs 50 Monkey Money to play.ExtremeRank 60
Monkeys VS Bloons 2 (IOS)A track with an Egypt section, a Pirate section, a Cowboy section, a Future section, a Modern section, and a Ancient City section each with it's own entrance and exit. It costs 75 Monkey Money to play.ExtremeComplete every track once.


  • This has the least new Extreme Maps, with them all being from BTD5 except for Monkeys VS Bloons 2.

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