Future Kids: How many kids does the rapper have and who are their mothers?. Find out - Dicy Trends (2024)

Future Kids: How many kids does the rapper have and who are their mothers?. Find out - Dicy Trends (1)

Future, the rapper has so many little ones. The popular musician who is currently dating Dess Dior has 8 children including Future Jr whom he shares with his Ex-fiancee Ciara. Future became a father for the eighth time when a DNA test proved the baby of model Seraphin -also known as Eliza Reign- is officially for the rapper.

Future keeps his life and that of his kids private, so most of his kids and news about them don’t usually appear on social media. However, the rapper has brought a few of his kids along to the red carpets and also celebrated big events with them and their children. Keep reading to learn more about Future kids and their mothers.

How many kids does Future have? Future has Eight (8) children, 5 boys, and 3 daughters. These children he had with eight (8) different women.

These children are

Jakobi Wilburn, 17Jessica Smith
Londyn Wilburn, 11India J
Prince Wilburn, 7Brittni Mealy
Future Zahir Wilburn, 5Ciara
Hendrix Wilburn, 2 years oldJoie Chavis
Reign Wilburn, 3 yearsEliza Reign
Kash WilburnUnknown
Paris WilburnUnknown

Future Kids: Eliza Reign and Her Daughter Reign Wilburn:

Eliza Reign, also known as Eliza Seraphin is a model and entrepreneur, she is the mother of Future kids, Reign Wilburn. In 2018 the model announced that she is pregnant and named Future as the father of the kid, the daughter Reign was born in April 2019. In May 2020, a DNA test confirmed that the rapper Future is the father of Eliza Reign’s kid.

It thought she and Future have been having an on-and-off relationship between 2016 and 2018. In August 2019, after the birth of their daughter, Eliza exposed Future as an unsupportive father. She later filed a lawsuit against the rapper. She filed a lawsuit against him requesting child support and other medical expenses she paid during pregnancy.

“I tried so many times to make things work with him for the sake of Lil mama. I didn’t want to get the courts involved. I’ve never been into that,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

In May 2020, Seraphin’s attorney confirmed thatDNA test resultsdetermined that Future is the biological father of Eliza’s child.

Ciara and her Son Future Zahir Wilburn

Future and Ciara go way back, these two have a pretty rocky history. The two dated and even got engaged in October 2013. They have a son, they named his Future Zahir Wilburn but he is popularly known as Future Jr.

The two however called off their engagement three months after the birth of Future Jr. The reason for their break up has been attributed to Future being unfaithful during their relationship. In January 2016, Ciara filed a defamation lawsuit against Future, in the suit she accused Future of spreading lies on social media about her co-parenting skills on social media and in interviews.

She also accused Future of making threats towards her and her then-boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson.

Future also filed a counter lawsuit against his ex-fiance Ciara, in the suit He claims he couldn’t damage her reputation because Ciara’s career was already falling off, calling her latest album at that time a “total flop”.

Ciara’s $15 million defamation suit was dropped in January 2017. The singer is now married to Wilson; they welcomed their own daughter, Sienna Princess, on April 29, 2017.

However, their son Future Jr was born on May 19, 2014. Ciara has said that her son with Future is a bit of a picky eater just like she is, but she is hoping he becomes more adventurous in the near future. He is now 7 years old.

Future Kids: Jessica Smith and his Son Jakobi Wilburn.

Future’s son, Jakobi Wilburn was born in 2002, He is the rapper’s oldest kid, His mother is Jessica Smith. Future and Jessica had a couple of problems. Future was named in multiple lawsuits over the years with regard to the paternity and child support of their son Jakobi. A paternity test was conducted and future was positive and the court granted the order. Since then Jessica Smith went off the limelight. The lady preferred a quiet life far away from the cameras and gossips.

India J and her daughter Londyn Wilburn

Talking of Future kids, the rapper has another daughter with India J the name of their daughter is Londyn Wilburn. This baby mama doesn’t have much problem with future. In a deleted mother’s day post in 2017, the rapper sent a heartwarming shoutout to the baby mama, Idia J. In the post, he said, “Literally, U deserve everything, I’m truly blessed to have you in my life, thank you for being a great mother….I love you.”. A least this post by the rapper suggested at that time they were cool. Londyn is 11 years old and she has been future’s red carpet date for few events.

Future Kids: Brittni and her Son Prince Wilburn.

Prince Wilburn was born to future his ex, Britni Mealy in 2012. Brittni has been very private about her son as she doesn’t share a lot of pictures of him. Britnni is an Instagram model and the founder of Unicorn Universe clothing line according to bio on the social platform. She sometime ago posted on her Instagram that she is not with Future and there is no way she will be with him. She claimed they came back together after their breakup but split up again. Future also countered the Ex’s post by saying “One monkey don’t stop a show”, suggesting he is not concerned about the Baby mama’s drama. Their son is now Prince is now 7.

Joie Chavis and his son Hendrix Wilburn

Future son Hendrix Wilburn is just 2 years old. He was born in December 2018. The mother of Hendrix is Joie Chavis. Joie is a model and has previously had a baby with Bow Wow. Joie often shares photos of the son on her Instagram.

Future Kids: Kash Wilburn and Paris Wilburn

Not much is known about Kash and Paris Wilburn, But they are also known to be Future Kids.

The rapper and Atlanta native is well known for his hit song such as “Musk off” and “King’s dead”. The rapper is also well known for his longlist of baby mamas and kids. His current list of baby mama‘s and kids stands at eight. Will the list grow? we are yet to see.

Future Kids: How many kids does the rapper have and who are their mothers?. Find out - Dicy Trends (2024)


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