Powersave Nathan Gilroy (2024)

1. Video advertising “Powersave” device is misleading and makes ...

  • 27 dec 2020 · The video says the device was invented by an 18-year-old named Nathan Gilroy, who it says “is one of the most accomplished students at MIT ...

  • This video misrepresents the people shown, falsely claiming to show the inventor of the device being advertised. That device is incapable of reducing electric bills by 50%, as claimed—or indeed by any amount.

2. Is Nathan Gilroy, the Alleged 'Inventor' of Powersave, Real? | Snopes.com

3. Nathan Gilroy Power Saver PNG Images - Pngtree

  • Are you searching for Nathan Gilroy Power Saver png hd images or vector? Choose from 10+ Nathan Gilroy Power Saver graphic resources and download in the ...

  • Are you searching for Nathan Gilroy Power Saver png hd images or vector? Choose from 10+ Nathan Gilroy Power Saver graphic resources and download in the form of PNG, EPS, AI or PSD.

4. MIT student invents a load balancer that greatly reduces your electric bill!

  • 3 aug 2022 · MIT has no record of a Nathan Gilroy ever registered there. There is ... Is Nathan Gilroy, the Alleged 'Inventor' of Powersave, Real? Wow.

  • It's a plug-in load balancer that regulates the Voltage/Current in your house. https://fb.watch/eGkGzbJy_6/

5. [PDF] Don't be fooled - Squarespace

  • ... nathan-gilroy-inventor-powersave/). ProfessorElectron. (http://professorelectron.com/the-energy-saver-scam/). Reduction Revolution. (https://reductionrevolution ...

6. Is Nathan Gilroy, the Alleged 'Inventor' of Powersave, Real?

  • 6 jan 2021 · Ads for the so-called "Powersave" device had been circulating on Facebook in late 2020, describing how a young "genius" named Nathan Gilroy had ...

  • Ads for an alleged energy-saving device are all over Facebook, but little is known about the inventor.

7. Nur Ibrahim, Author at Snopes.com Page 49

  • Is Nathan Gilroy, the Alleged 'Inventor' of Powersave, Real? Written by: Nur Ibrahim. Jan. 5, 2021 (Updated: Aug. 10, 2023) Ads for an alleged energy-saving ...

  • The definitive Internet reference source for researching urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.

8. 2024 Nathan louis jackson sh*t Abbott - bunhuyrer.info

  • 24 uur geleden · ... nathan jackson. HerZindagi. theater kansas kansas based. jackson ... nathan gilroy graduated invented powersave energy saving device meant reduce.

Powersave Nathan Gilroy (2024)


Does the electricity saving device really work? ›

The fact is, there is nothing that you can plug in that will reduce your electricity usage and lower your household power bill. The problem with these scams is that they often rely on a grain of truth, which is why they come across as believable.

How does Powersave work? ›

The power saver stores the electricity instead of letting it flow directly into your electrical appliances and then discharges it minus the spikes.

What is the best power-saving device? ›

These 6 Gadgets Make Life Easier and More Energy Efficient
  • Plug-in smart outlet. Photo: Michael Murtaugh. ...
  • Smart dimmer switches and motion detectors. Photo: Rachel Cericola. ...
  • Smart LED light bulb. Photo: Marki Williams. ...
  • Smart ceiling fan switch. Photo: Lutron. ...
  • Smart thermostat. Photo: Michael Hession. ...
  • Smart sprinkler controller.
Mar 1, 2024

Does power-saving mode work? ›

Battery Saver, Power Saving, or Power Saving Mode is a feature available on all Android devices that aims to limit power consumption, so that your battery lasts a little longer until you get to charge it again. When turned on, this feature can add another hour or two to how much your battery lasts.

Are energy-saving plugs worth it? ›

Yes, smart plugs save energy by eliminating standby power consumption and allowing you to set schedules for devices, ensuring they are only on when needed.

Are energy-saving power strips worth it? ›

Put simply, a smart power strip saves you money on utilities when more things are plugged into it. They also save you more money when the things plugged in draw a lot of power when not being used, which is considered vampire power.

Do stopwatts really work? ›

Consumer surveys rate the StopWatt 4.7 stars in Australia and the US, making it one of the greatest electricity-saving devices on the market. It saves energy and protects equipment by reducing voltage variations and power supply abnormalities.


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