Jets Pass Catcher Takes Shot at Zach Wilson With Viral Post (2024)

Jets Pass Catcher Takes Shot at Zach Wilson With Viral Post (1)

GettyNew York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson rallying his teammates ahead of an NFL game.

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has been getting lit up like a Christmas tree this week for his performance versus the New England Patriots.

Former players, television analysts, and more have poked fun following Wilson’s abysmal performance. Heck, even one of his own teammates seemingly threw out some shade on social media.

Jets pass catcher Elijah Moore took to Instagram with a cryptic post that featured no caption and it didn’t need one. It was a still shot of Moore attempting to throw a football during pre-game:

Elijah Moore Expresses His Displeasure With Jets QB Zach Wilson

The timing of the post on Moore’s Instagram coincided with head coach Robert Saleh’s announcement that Wilson isn’t guaranteed to be the starting quarterback this week versus the Chicago Bears.

Saleh said, “everything is on the table” and when asked who would step up in Wilson’s place if he was benched he responded, “everyone’s” an option. Apparently, that also includes Moore.

#Jets HC Robert Saleh said ‘we are keeping everything on the table over the next couple of days’ + he refused to commit to Zach Wilson as his starter for #Bears game, ‘not right now, not until I’m done evaluating everything’ 😳: 🎥 @nyjets #TakeFlight #DaBears

When Moore initially requested his trade back on October 20 he was frustrated with his lack of usage and role. However behind the scenes according to sources Moore was additionally frustrated with Wilson as his quarterback.

This subtle shot on Instagram likely doesn’t kill those rumors about an apparent beef between the two players.

Saleh has not indicated who will get a shot at quarterback if Wilson is sent to the bench. The expectation is Mike White would get that opportunity after being promoted to QB2 earlier this year.

Jets Fans React to the Elijah Moore Viral Post

NYJ Mike said, “Is Elijah Moore f****** kidding me?”

Pardon My Take simply said, “this league” in response to what Moore posted after the Jets QB news broke on Monday, November 21.

Elijah Moore was called a “supervillain” for this post by a Twitter user.

This Post was deleted by the Post author. Learn more

After weeks of inactivity Moore finally worked himself back into the offense. The former Ole Miss product had two receptions for 17 yards on four targets. A massive improvement over the volume he has been receiving over the last month.

However, a lot of Jets fans were upset with how the end of the game transpired. With just five seconds left in the game, Moore caught the kick return from the New England Patriots. He proceeded to run around, waste the remaining amount of time left, and casually ran out of bounds.

It was an incredibly bizarre scenario and one that somehow perfectly encapsulated the season to date for the once-promising playmaker.

NYJ Matt called Moore “an absolute idiot” for his decision-making at the end of the game.

Now you may be asking yourself what is the likelihood of the Jets finding a way to win that game with the amount of time remaining in the game. I would counter by saying we’ll never know since he blew the remaining time in the game.

Additionally, I would point to the improbable Week 2 road trip versus the Cleveland Browns. All the odds were stacked against the Jets in that game, yet somehow they overcame all of that for a crazy win.

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Jets Pass Catcher Takes Shot at Zach Wilson With Viral Post (2024)


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